Dobek Pater

Dobek Pater has over sixteen years’ experience in the telecoms industry and is currently a telecommunications analyst with Africa Analysis, working on a wide range of projects in Africa for a diverse client base. His previous experience includes working for a South African fibre optic cabling and systems integration company, later joining an ICT market research and advisory company in the capacity of a telecommunications analyst, and a short stint in the consumer product research field. Dobek’s career in the telecommunications sector has exposed him to strategies and technologies used by various telecoms operators and service providers, as well as telecommunications market fundamentals.

In his capacity as a telecommunications analyst he has been responsible for analysis of numerous telecommunications markets in Africa, and directly participated in major projects in close to twenty African countries. Dobek has also presented at numerous shows and conferences in South Africa and other African countries on topics ranging from telecoms market opportunities to future technology applications. He is frequently quoted in the local and international media, and regularly appears on TV and radio shows. Dobek concentrates on fixed line, mobile, and the internet markets, wholesale and retail markets, performing among others current market research and analysis, market forecasting, revenue forecasting, market modelling, and rendering advisory services.

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